Outstanding service - trusted. worldwide.

Outstanding service - trusted. worldwide.


Finding leaks before they become an event.

Our Leak Risk Management Solutions

Leak Detection and Repair – LDAR

Continuing leak integrity monitoring. Providing comprehensive, cost effective solutions for environmental compliance obligations.

KLINGER’s services in the field of leak detection & repair focus on surveys and individual detections (e.g. hydrogen detection) as well as on loss estimations and consulting with a clear focus on fast deficiency removal. The scope of services also includes P&ID reviews to confirm the as-built asset status, site component ID systems, turnaround support services with regard to component management as well as client training and support.

KLINGER relies on a wide range of technologies to successfully provide its leak detection & repair range, including optical gas imaging (OGI), fast-response flame ionization detection (FID), contact and near-field ultrasonics, acoustic emission detection, thermography as well as leading-edge data capture systems. The corresponding data is submitted by means of secure data management and reporting solutions.

Pre and Post Shutdown VOC Leak Surveys

Continuing leak survey

Periodic structured and prioritised leak survey of an operating plant based on hybrid survey methodologies and using both FID and OGI . Detects failed sealing integrity for components, lines & vessels during normal operations. Often a regulatory or corporate management requirement as a part of a site LDAR program.

Part of overall continuing site risk management.

Pre-shutdown leak survey

Designed to find leaks from any source using OGI and/or FID techniques, pre-shutdown surveys identify and help plan facility integrity and leak remedial work that needs to be done during a shut.

Pre-startup leak survey

Using CIMS, KLINGER coordinates on behalf of clients pressurised inert gas surveys (typically N2 or He). Bubble or ultrasonic tests for leaks are also commonly used.

Post-startup leak survey

Similar to pre-shutdown surveys, line, vessels and components are leak surveyed at working temperature and pressure at the earliest operational opportunity to check shutdown work integrity and to manage startup risks.

All leak surveys are managed through CIMS .

Valve Remedial Services

Extracting and re–packing of valves gland packing utilising water jet packing extractors. By this method of extraction, speed and efficiency is obtained, saving hours of labour.

Steam Trap/Energy Loss Surveys

KLINGER brings extensive experience from conventional LDAR survey methodologies to steam trap surveys. This includes key survey elements like asset identification, data management and reporting systems.

Fully understanding that energy and process efficiency are among the cornerstones of a successful and profitable plant operation, KLINGER has developed an efficiency-increasing service in the form of steam audits. In the course of such an audit, steam energy losses are quantified by examining leak points, and are subsequently compiled in a CMS database with detailed leak source information. A prioritized action list subsequently ensures that effective maintenance responses can be initiated.