KLINGER Ballostar® KHI Ball Valves

KLINGER Ballostar® KHI Ball Valves


Decades of reliability guaranteed.

KLINGER Ballostar® KHI ball valves will keep up with stricter requirements and are assured to already meet future standards with regard to tensile, compressive and bending stress. Its unique sealing system is another feature of Ballostar® KHI. The test and drain valve welded to the ball valve housing allows the pressure to be relieved intermediately while the ball is closed. The key benefit of this feature is that Ballostar® KHI can be leak-tested at any time without having to open the pipeline. These ball valves are fit for many different applications such as underground district heating trenches, buried pipelines, co-generation power stations, pump stations, steelworks, hydroelectric power stations and tunnel boring machines.

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Product details

DN 150 - 1000 (KHSVI VVS up to DN 800)
Material Cast steel, stainless steel, further materials upon request
Temperature -45 °C bis +260 °C
DesignFlanges, welding ends, fully welded (KHSVI VVS), reducing cones, full and reduced bore
TypeTwo-piece ball valve KHI / KHSVI Single-piece ball valve KHSVI VVS

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