Sealing technology.

Sealing technology.

Ultra Service Saddles

Tap In Products

For a permanent and simple service saddle tap in solution for almost all pipe materials.

The Ultra Service Saddle is designed utilizing a contained self-energized rubber seal. This enables the product to accommodate higher pipeline working pressures than conventional stainless steel saddle clamps that utilize a grid-like mat compressed onto the pipe outer circumference.


Ultra Service Saddles are constructed from 100% high quality stainless steel and therefore offer a permanent tap-in solution.


The Ultra Service Saddle range is a comprehensive range of stainless steel pipe tap-in products. They can be used to provide a tap-in point from DN15mm to DN50mm.

The Range

A comprehensive range is available for pipes from DN40mm to DN350mm with branch outlet sizes from DN15mm to DN50mm. The branch may not exceed more than half the diameter of the tapped pipe. This product can not be used for joining pipes.