Innovative technology.

Innovative technology.

DI Saddle for PVC Pipe

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Ductile Iron Saddles for PVC & DI pipe are dedicated saddles specific to PVC pipe or Ductile Iron pipe. These saddles can not be used on other pipe materials.

Design Advantages

The saddle head includes a moulded rubber seal that extends below and up into the saddle outlet. This ensures an effective seal and that the rubber seal does not fall out during transport resulting in it being misplaced. The saddle body is drilled and tapped to receive the tightening fasteners, eliminating the need for loose nuts and washers.

Easy to Install

Installation of a Ductile Iron saddle on PVC or Ductile Iron pipe is extremely simple, requiring only a spanner to tighten the galvanised steel or stainless steel bolts.

Pipe Size and Outlet Size

A dedicated range is available for pipes from DN50mm to DN300mm with branch outlet sizes from 1/2” to 2” BSP female screwed sockets. Reducing bushes are available for different outlet diameters.