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Service excellence.

Buffalo Saddles

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Tap In Flexibility

Buffalo Saddles are designed to offer the installer a universal saddle that will accommodate almost all rigid pipes diameters of a single nominal bore.

Allows for Adjustment

The Buffalo Saddle utilizes a stainless steel strap band that is tightened via fasteners on each side of the saddle head. The length of the fastener enables the strap band to be assembled around pipes of up to 20mm diameter variance. Single strap and double strap saddle heads are available with BSP screwed outlets from DN20 – DN100mm or flanged outlets from DN50 – DN100mm.

In conjunction with our Under Pressure Drilling kit, Buffalo Saddles and Easi Tees enable quick, economic and trusted Tap In solutions.

The Range

For pipes from DN50mm – DN600mm with branch outlet sizes from DN20mm – DN100mm.