Superior quality.

Superior quality.

G-Flex Repair

Pipe Repair Products

Permanent Pressure Pipe Repair

The G-Flex Repair Coupling is ideal for situations where a permanent repair of a pressure pipeline is required. Simply open up the coupling, wrap it around the damaged pipe and tighten the bolts. The pipe is repaired within minutes, thereby avoiding costly downtime. Being internally rubber lined and manufactured from Stainless Steel, the G-Flex Repair Coupling exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Superior Pressure Rating

G-Flex Repair Couplings offer the highest pressure rating of any wrap around pipe repair clamp or coupling. Traditional Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps (such as the Ultra Clamp) are unable to match the working pressure rating of a G-Flex Repair Coupling.

The Range

DN20 – 3000mm for virtually any pipe material.