Innovative design.

PolyGrip Fittings.

FABRICTAED PolyGrip Fittings

Fabricated PolyGrip Fittings were designed as simple, high performance, full end load restraint, mechanical, socketed fittings for PVC and HDPE pipe.


PolyGrip Fittings, Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Restraining Harnesses are designed to support and grip the pipe, preventing pipe collapse and pipe end pullout. PolyGrip fittings are suitable for a working pressure of up to 16 bar (1600 kPa). Fabricated PolyGrip Fittings of any shape can be manufactured to order, including bends, equal & unequal tees, scour tees, crosses, puddle pipes etc.

Cast Ductile Iron Fittings for PVC pipe are the most economical method of introducing small bore fittings into a PVC pipeline. By combining a PolyGrip Harness with a Cast Ductile Iron Fitting, it can be used as a fully restrained fitting for PVC or HDPE pipe.

The Range

PolyGrip Products are available from OD90 – 315mm.