Innovative design.

Innovative design.

Short Collar Couplings

Non Restrained Products

Corrosion Protection

Dedicated couplings used for quick connections of AC COD pipe.

Industry standard for this style of coupling is a Black Metal Etching Primer coating. The fasteners are electro-galvanized. Specialized coupling coatings such as FBE and Hot Dip Galvanizing are available on request.

Easy to Install

Short Collar couplings are specific to Constant Outside Diameter (COD) Asbestos Cement (AC) pipe. It therefore requires a short amount of time to tighten the bolts when installing the couplings. Wide Range Unifit couplings can take a longer time to install as the coupling may be working at the bottom end of the working tolerance.

The Range

DN50 (69mm OD) – DN300mm (345mm OD) Short Collar couplings are standard, however, long Collar couplings are available on request.