High performance.

High performance.


G-Flex Install Couplings have a rubber seal which provides a tighter seal with increased pressure.


G-Flex Install Couplings are high performance couplings allowing pipe angular deflection,  expansion and contraction

Superior Design

G-Flex Couplings are manufactured from full stainless steel offering superior corrosion protection. The entire internal surface of the coupling is rubber lined, enabling these products to be used for harsh pipeline contents. EPDM, NBR or specialized rubber compounds are available.

G-Flex Couplings utilize a ‘self-energizing’ rubber seal. As the pressure increases, the lip seals are pressed more tightly against the pipe surface. This makes the G-Flex the best possible means of connecting GRP pipes

The Range

G-Flex couplings are available from Stainless Steel from DN20mm – DN3000mm for virtually any pipe material.