Superior quality.

Superior quality.


Non Restrained Products

Universal Wide Range Couplings & Adaptors

KLINGER Unifit universal pipe couplings are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters. One fitting is able to connect a wide variety of pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, PVC, cast iron, GRP and asbestos cement pipes, amongst others. The range is designed and manufactured under a strict quality management system and the products meet the requirements of SANS 1808-2 of the South Africa Bureau of Standards. All products in the range have a test pressure of 24bar on water (9bar on gas) and are suitable for 16bar working pressure for water (6bar on gas). Higher pressures up to 64bar are available on request.


Longer barrels, higher pressures, different coatings, special stainless steels and specialized rubber compounds are some of the non-standard components available. We are able to design and manufacture special couplings according to customer requirements.

Extensive Range

An extensive range from DN15 mm – DN700mm exists for:

Universal Couplings

For joining plain ended pipes of similar or dissimilar materials, UNIFIT Universal Couplings have wide sealing tolerances ensuring all popular pipe materials can be connected. From DN40 – 700mm.

Universal Flange Adaptor

For joining flanged pipeline components to plain ended pipes, UNIFIT Universal Flange Adaptors have wide sealing tolerances and a universal flange drilling to suit T1000/3 & T1600/3. From DN40 to DN300mm.

Long Barrel Couplings

UNIFIT Long Barrel Couplings are designed specifically for the connection of GRP & HDPE pipe. Barrel lengths are specified to cater for HDPE expansion & contraction upon installation.

Steel Flange Adaptors

UNIFIT Steel Flange Adaptors are available in any flange drilling from PN6 to PN64 and any nominal bore from DN40 – 3000mm. Restrained Flange Adaptors are also available.

Step Couplings

UNIFIT Step Couplings are used for connecting pipes of different nominal bore and different pipe material. From DN40 – 3000mm. Restraining cleats and harnesses can be provided to prevent step couplings moving. Double bolt sets are available for GRP pipe.

External Test Caps

UNIFIT External Test Caps are suitable for all rigid pipe materials. Sockets for pipe testing can be added as required. Sizes from DN40 – 600mm. Internal test plugs can be manufactured.

Half Couplings

HALF COUPLINGS are supplied for welding to mild steel fittings from DN40 – 600mm. Enabling socketed fittings to be manufactured for all rigid pipe materials catering for pressure ratings up to and including PN64.

Junior Couplings

Junior Couplings are designed for use on air, water and gas pipelines.  The couplings are dedicated products suited only to SANS 62 black and galvanised mild steel pipes.  For joining galvanized mild steel pipes on cut or plain end sections.  Junior couplings are available from DN15 to DN50mm.  All products are suitable for a working pressure of 16bar and a test pressure of 24 bar.


S P E C I A L S are available. Customers can specify special materials for bolts, rubber seals, sleeve and end rings. Higher pressure ratings are available up to 64bar. Special corrosion protection coatings and dimensions can be made to order for all products.

Large Diameter Products

All couplings and adaptors are available as Dedicated Large Diameter products. From DN700 – DN3000mm. Including the following: Couplings, Step Couplings, Long Barrel Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Restrained Flange Adaptors, Dismantling Joints, End Caps, etc.