Sustainable quality.

Sustainable quality.


KLINGER® level gauges, originally invented by Richard Klinger more than 110 years ago, still serve to reliably indicate the liquid level in boilers and vessels today.

An efficient process operation demands high-performance measurement installations. KLINGER fluid monitoring products stand out from the competition as a result of their excellent mechanical strength and outstanding durability versus alkaline and acid solutions as well as boiler water. Furthermore, continuous quality checks permanently ensure best-in-class measurement performance, long-term stability and the resource-conserving properties that have made this product range “trusted. worldwide.”

Liquid level gauges feature a reflex glass within the body. An observation slot on the other side allows for clear reading of non-hazardous liquids. With regard to applications that involve either hazardous or toxic liquids or gases, operators around the world rely on KLINGER® magnetic level gauges.

Level Gauges



The medium is contained within two glasses whose surfaces are both smooth. Pressure rating: Up to 250 bar process or up to 120 bar steam. Materials: Forged steel or stainless steel. Tank connections: Screwed, flanged or butt-weld.

Sizes: Up to 3000mm centre to centre


The medium is viewed through a reflex glass and the side of the glass which is exposed to the medium has a prismatic surface. Pressure rating: Up to 250 bar process or up to 32 bar steam. Materials: Forged steel or stainless steel. Tank connections: Screwed, flanged or butt-weld.

Sizes: Up to 3000mm centre to centre


A variation of transparent level gauges and are mainly used to measure very high pressure steam. Pressure rating: Up to 225 bar steam. Materials: Forged steel or stainless steel. Tank connections: Screwed or flanged.

Sizes: Up to 1500mm centre to centre


Suitable for duties involving dangerous and toxic liquids or gases. Pressure rating: Up to 400 bar process or up to 180 bar steam.


Shut Off

Various shut off cock valves are available, medium, pressure, temperature dependent. Pressure rating: Up to 250 bar Materials: Forged steel or stainless steel  Tank connections: Screwed, flanged or butt-weld.

Sizes: 15mm to 40mm


KLINGER® gauge glasses are made of high quality, extra-hard borosilicate glass which is subsequently heat-treated. In accordance with MIL16356-D specification.

Sizes: Round: 40mm to 250mm

Transparent: I to X, A, B, H, TA28

Reflex: I to X, A, B, H

Please Note:

Manufacturing of LEVEL GAUGES will only take place upon customer’s request. For further advice or assistance, please contact our Valve Product Specialist, Theo Pieterse – or 011 842 8300.

Pneumatic Actuators & Accesories

Specialist service is available for the sizing, fitting and bench testing of pneumatic actuators and accessories to all types of valves.

Air Torque 4th Generation Upgrade series 90° rack and pinion pneumatic actuators for quarter turn valves with PTFE coated Alodur anodized body and anodized + Polyester coated end caps, suitable for 15 to 10,000Nm output torque requirements. External travel stops and Namur air supply connections on all models (VDI/VDE 3845). ISO 5211 base mounting permits an easy installation of the actuator directly onto a compatible valve or it can interface through an ISO bracket and coupling.

Double Acting Actuators

Air Torque Range

Doubleacting actuators have air or liquid supplied to both sides of the piston with one side at higher pressure, which achieves the movement required to actuate the valve. This configuration uses pneumatic or hydraulic pressure of the air or liquid energy to open and close the valve.

MODELTorque output (Nm) at operating air pressure (bar)
4 bar4,2 bar4,5 bar5 bar5,5 bar6 bar7 bar
AT 051U DA 13,3141516,618,319,923,3
AT 101U DA23,524,626,429,332,235,241
AT 201U DA 46,548,952,458,26469,881,4
AT 251U DA 73,276,982,491,5100,7109,8128,1
AT 301U DA 1061121201331461560186
AT 351U DA 172181193215236258301
AT 401U DA 222233249277305332388
AT 451U DA 348365391435478522609
AT 501U DA 454477511567624681794
AT 551U DA 6136436897668429191072
AT 601U DA 8518939571064117012761489
AT 651U DA 1430150116081787196621442502
AT 701U DA 2075217923342594285331123631
AT 751U DA 2872301532313590394943085026
AT 801U DA 3604378440544504495554056306
AT 1001U DA 66717005750583399173100711674

Spring Return Fail Safe


Fail-safe spring return electric actuators – more simply known as spring return electric actuators – are used on linear and rotary valves in a range of applications across nearly all industrial process systems. These types of actuators are used in situations that require valves to automatically and immediately enter a safe position upon loss of power. Upon restoration of power, the actuator immediately returns the valve to its normal operating position, and is ready to resume normal operation.

Torque (Nm)

MODELfrom air @ 5,0 bar from air @ 6,0 bar Torque (Nm) from springs
AT 051U SR08--12,77,212,87,9
AT 101U SR1018,212,424,118,316,911,1
AT 201U SR1036,123,647,735,234,622,1
AT 251U SR1054,833,873,152,157,836,7
AT 301U SR1082,354,210980,878,850,7
AT 351U SR1013383,917612713182
AT 401U SR10 172112227168165105
AT 451U SR10270177357264258165
AT 501U SR10343235456349332224
AT 551U SR10450292603445474316
AT 601U SR10638434851646630425
AT 651U SR101066745142311021042721
AT 701U SR1015039922021151016021091
AT 751U SR10212814072846213521831462
AT 801U SR10266520283566292924761839
AT 1001U SR10494933896616505749493390

Please contact us on +27 (0)11 842 8300 or email us for any other requirements (fast acting, 120°, 135°, 180°, low & high temp constructions, Scotch & Yoke design).

Spring Return Fail Safe


P68 position indicator/switch box, adjustable S.P.D.T (single pole double throw) switches, VDI/VDE 3845 Namur interface for direct mounting.


IP68 position indicator/switch box, 3-wire P+F inductive proximity sensors 24V DC, VDI/VDE 3845 Namur interface for direct mounting.

Solenoid Valves and Accessories


Solenoid valve, for Double Acting or Spring Return pneumatic actuators, anodised aluminium housing, IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure, NAMUR mounting, 1,5 to 8 bar (22 to 118 psi) pressure range, 0 to 50ºC service temperature range. Standard coil voltage 24V AC, 24V DC, 110V AC and 220V AC.


Brass, air adjustable Speed Regulator to control the opening/closing stroke of the actuator.


Brass, air exhaust silencer.


Sti Range


Pneumatic positioner, suitable for 90º maximum operation, 2 to 6,9 bar air supply. Standard cam with 3 pressure ranges (linear characteristics), direct and reverse actions. 0,2 – 1 bar : 0º to 90º/ 0,2 – 1 bar : 0º to 65º/ 0,2 – 0,6 or 0,6 – 1 bar : 0º to 65º.


Electro-pneumatic rotary positioner, double acting, Namur shaft and holes, counter clockwise rotation, 4-20mA input.


Brass, air exhaust silencer.

Sight Glasses

VYC Range

265/ 365/6

Stainless/ carbon steel, PN 16/40, window sight glasses, suitable for up to 40 bar, max temperature -60 to 250ºC (version determined), borosilicate glass, available with screwed, SW or flanged ends. 15mm to 200mm