Serious about plant safety.

Serious about plant safety.


Safety Spray Shields are designed to prevent a catastrophe by temporarily containing hazardous leaks and sprays. Leaks can occur on piping systems conveying chemicals, high temperature fluids, and steam, which can harm workers, damage nearby equipment, and the environment.

  • Leaks of flammables, such as fuel, oil, or hydrogen, can create fire and explosion hazards.
  • Safety Spray Shields help meet regulatory standards set by agencies such as OSHA, EPA, BSEE, MSHA, SOLAS, ABS, DNV, and Lloyd’s. Spray Shields are also required by some insurance companies and underwriters, such as FM Global.
  • Constructed of metal or durable fabrics that are resistant to chemicals, UV, weather, & fire.
  • Fabric Shields are available in Teflon®, Polypropylene, PVC, and Polyethylene; solid cloth models contain a pH indicating patch which signals a leak by immediately changing color towards red if acidic or towards green if an alkali. The patch is replaceable which allows reuse of the shield.
  • Fabric Shields are ready to install quickly and simply by one person with the equipped hook and loop fasteners and draw cord.
  • Metal Shields are available in 2 different designs/models of stainless steel, and are equipped with quick latch or hose clamp style fasteners.
  • Shields available for all sizes and ratings, including ANSI, SAE, API, DIN, PN, BS, JIS, AS, SANS, & KS.
  • Experience and capabilities in engineering, designing, and manufacturing of standard and non-standard sizes are recognised worldwide.



  • Clear Teflon® center strip allows for complete visual inspection.
  • Sides constructed of Premium Teflon® coated glass cloth.
  • Teflon® coated fiberglass or Nomex® thread and draw cord.
  • Fire and tear resistant.
  • Teflon® drain nipple optional.
  • Max operating temperature 200°C.


  • Maximum Teflon® content fabric for extreme service and long life.
  • 3-ply multi-layered construction.
  • Teflon® coated fiberglass or Nomex® thread and draw cord.
  • Fire and tear resistant.
  • Max operating temperature of 230°C.


  • Most popular style.
  • Teflon® coated glass cloth.
  • Reinforced, 4-ply construction.
  • Teflon® coated fiberglass or
  • Nomex® thread and draw cord.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Maximum operating temperature of 110°C.


  • Tough, multi-layered polypropylene fabric.
  • Polypropylene thread and draw cord.
  • New model with FEP Teflon center allows visual inspection.
  • Indicating patch on non-clear model.
  • Maximum operating temperature of 90°C.


  • Transparent, reinforced polyethylene fabric.
  • 3-ply multi-layered construction.
  • Tough poly thread and draw cord.
  • Leak indicating patch bonus feature.
  • Maximum operating temperature of 75°C.


  • Reinforced, multi-layered, polyvinyl chloride fabric.
  • Tough poly thread and draw cord.
  • Standard color is safety orange. Yellow and other colors available upon request.
  • Leak patch changes colors.
  • New models - Clear center strip and all clear PVC which provides for visual inspection.
  • Maximum operating temperatures from 60°C - 75°C.



Metal Flange Safety Spray Shields are designed to prevent, contain, and control a leak or high pressure spray-out from a flange.

Our 316 stainless steel metal flange spray shields are specifically designed to fit around a flanged connection. Featuring a 316 Stainless Steel Mesh, they are designed to safely dissipate spray to help control hazardous leaks and spray-outs.


Our 2nd most popular style of Metal Spray Shield is the well-known version: the wider, overlapping tabbed edges design that contains spacer rods which allow for spray redistribution.


Flange Protectors enclose the flange and internals, providing protection from salt spray, sand, chemicals, and other rust causing external factors. For a complete flange protection system, including Drake Specialties Flange Band protectors, in conjunction with Nut/Bolt protectors and grease, is recommended.


Nut and Bolt Protectors are plastic nut and bolt protector caps that snap tightly over stud ends and nuts to protect them from the environment and eliminate corrosion. Nut protectors are made of polyethylene plastic that is UV and chemical resistant.

Expansion Joint Shields

Customised Expansion Joint Shields to suit all types of expansion joints

  • Available in the same fabrics and styles as Flange Shields.
  • Clear Teflon® is recommended for viewing of bellows.
  • Allows for lateral movement, while maintaining fit and protection.
  • Available for all styles and types of Rubber, Stainless, and Teflon® bellowed expansion joints, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Recommended by most manufacturers of expansion joints.

Valve Shields

Customised Valve Shields to suit all types of valves

  • Available in the same fabrics and styles as Flange Shields.
  • Allows for operation of valve handle or hand-wheel.
  • Bonnet Shields allow for travel and opening and closing of gate or globe valves.
  • Manufactured to fit all styles and types of valves

Specialty Shields

Specialty, hard-to-find, common-sense products

  • Designed to cover actuators, controls, pumps, pump seals, gauges, hoses, hose connections, camlocks, pipe, instrumentation, electronics, expensive equipment, etc.
  • Increases service life of items and protects from corrosive environments by keeping out chemicals, saltwater, acid rain, dirt, and sand.
  • Protects personnel and the environment from hazardous sprays of chemicals and hot fluids due to leaking seals, gaskets, or connections.
  • Made from durable fabrics resistant to UV, chemicals, hydrocarbons, and weather.
  • Solid fabrics available in PVC colors of safety yellow and safety orange, or PTFE fabrics in natural brown color.
  • Attachment options of drawcord, velcro, and straps of Velcro or poly.
  • Custom made; contact us for recommendations and detailed assistance.

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