Discover quality.

Discover quality.


Hygrade LS gasket sheeting is made of 100% expanded PTFE using a special process that produces a uniform and highly fibrillated multidirectional microstructure. This creates a soft and pliable, yet very tough gasket that has excellent resistance to compression, creep relaxation and cold flow. Suitable for uneven and damaged flanges.

Hygrade LS sheet gasketing possesses universal resistance against common chemicals, except melted alkali metal, fluorine in liquid and gas state. It is free from asbestos, meets the FDA requirements, is anti-corrosive and has unlimited shelf life.


  • 100% Pure PTFE

Areas of application

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Food equipment
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Petrochemical
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Distilling
  • Food and beverage
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Power generation
  • Marine

General Properties

  • 100% Pure PTFE
  • Highly compressible
  • Resistant to creep and cold flow
  • Fibrillated multidirectional microstructure
  • Excellent chemical resistance, pH range 0-14
  • Service pressure from vacuum to 3,000 pso.
  • Operating temperature from-200ºC
  • Easy to cut and handle
  • Low bolt load requirement
  • Suitable for glass-lined and enamel flanges
  • Seals rough or damaged flanges.

Dimensions of the standard sheets

Sizes 500 x 500 mm, 1000mm x 1000m, 1500mm x 1500mm
Thickness1.5 mm, 3.0 mm

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