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Our Range of Semi Metallic Gaskets

Metal Jacketed gaskets are the most basic type of semi metallic gaskets combining the high pressure suitable and blow out resistance of metallic materials with the improved compressibility of soft materials. Metal jacketed gaskets offer an economical seal where sealing faces are narrow and can be produced in a variety of shapes , making them a good option for heat exchanger jointing.

Corrugated gaskets are a highly versatile family of products, available in a wide variety of configurations and suited to a wide range of applications. For improved sealing performance the gaskets can be partially or completely covered.

General Properties


Metal jacketed and corrugated gaskets can be manufactured to suit a range of chemical environments by the selection of suitable alloy jackets or cores.

Types of Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Double Jacketed

Constructed of soft filler encapsulated by a metal jacket and insert. Designed for use on high temperature and pressure applications.
Double Jacketed Corrugated (Soft Filler)
The reduced contact area of the construction enhances compressive characteristics making it more suited to applications of lower bolt load or where flanges are uneven.
Single Jacketed Fully Enclosed
Constructed of soft filler completely enclosed in a single jacket for use in applications where the width does not permit the use of a double jacketed gasket.
KLINGER® Maxigraph Corrugated Steel with Soft Facing Layer
Comprises a single corrugated core faced with either PTFE or Graphite depending on application. The soft facing layer provides the gasket with a high level of tightness while the core gives the gasket both resilience and integrity. Used in a variety of applications including heat exchangers, valve bonnet application and small recess gaps.

Metal Jacketed Selection