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The FSCCG has been developed by KLINGER as a solution to sealing corroded flanges which are particularly evident in the offshore environment. Routine inspection of flanges can be completed with the knowledge that the joint can be remade even if flange corrosion is evident.

Consisting of a high precision and high strength metal core that is epoxy resin coated to resist corrosion and give central alignment of the gasket within the flange. The highly conformable GORE™ GR ePTFE primary seal flows into the damaged flange to create a seal and limit further corrosion. Furthermore, a secondary seal of KLINGER®top chem 2000 with uniquely holds fire-safe approval to API 6FA, conveys excellent blow out resistance and minimal gasket creep over the lifetime of the joint. 

Properties of FSCCGs

(1) GORE™ GR
(Primary seal)
KLINGER®top-chem 2000
(Secondary seal)
Metal Core
Highly conformable GORE™ GR multidirectional ePTFE is designed to flow into the damaged flange creating a seal and limiting further corrosion. KLINGER’s active partner Gore Sealant Technologies has developed a specialist range of PTFE products over the last 50 years to meet the stringent demands of the Petrochemical Industry. Premium grade modified PTFE KLINGER® Top-Chem 2000 which uniquely holds fi re-safe approval to API 6FA,is bound to the precision profi led metal core, conveying excellent blow out resistance. KLINGER® Top-Chem-2000 is also creep resistant, minimising any stress reduction over the lifetime of the joint. The gasket incorporates a high-strength metallic core which increases resistance to blow out and helps create a stable high-integrity joint which is robust, easy to handle and install. The epoxy coated full-face metallic core ensures the gasket is centrally located with the flange and the coating provides resistance to corrosion necessary for offshore applications.


The FSCCG is installed like any other gasket; simply remove any loose debris from the flange surface with a wire brush before fitting the gasket. The full-face design ensures the gasket is located correctly.