Discover quality.

Discover quality.

Our Range of Metallic Gaskets

Metallic gaskets often utilize a soft sealing media such as graphite used in conjunction with the metal to create a high-strength, high-integrity gasket able to create joints with very high leak tightness.

KLINGER can manufacture metallic gaskets in a wide range of alloys to cover even the most chemically aggressive applications.


Lens Rings

Lens rings are spherically surfaced solid metal gaskets. The gasket is designed to mate against the conical faces of the flanges. This unique seal assembly creates a high stress seal even at relatively low bolt loads.

KLINGER Lens Rings are heavy duty, high integrity gaskets. They are also resistant to high pressure applications. As a metal to metal seal is created, lens rings are ideal at reducing fugitive fuel emissions.

Corrugated Metal Gasket - Taylor Rings

Corrugated metal gaskets, also known as Taylor rings, are plain metal with concentric corrugations. Ideal for low pressure, less than 35bar, applications such as valve bonnets, gas turbines and combustion lines.

Baffle Seals

The baffle seal plays an important role in effectively sealing the gap between the longitudinal baffle and the heat exchanger shell in high-performance heat exchangers.

We are able to produce precisely adapted separating plate gaskets for most heat exchangers. Particularly suitable for heat exchangers with large or small gaps, due to construction filters, refurbishment or warping.