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In touch with tomorrow.


Various packing tools to assist in the removal and installation of mechanical gland packing. Proper installation is key to maximize packing performance and using the correct tools minimizes installation errors.

Mechanical Gland Packing Cutters

The gland packing cutter is ideal for accurate cutting of packing rings to fit pumps or valves. Packing sizes of up to 25mm can be cut to length using a calibrated scale for shafts of up to 150mm in diameter. 

Packing Extractors

KLINGER has a high quality range of packing extractors for use on pumps, valves and other static applications which have been designed for hard to remove packing which requires a strong pulling action.

The total removal of gland packing from stuffing boxes without damaging the shaft or the stuffing box is important for a successful repack. Typically, stuffing boxes are in awkward positions and the KLINGER flexible extractors make the job easier.

Flexible Packing Tamper Tool

Flexible Packing Tampers are used to pack down newly installed packing. 

Packing Extraction and Maintenance Tool Kit

KLINGER deluxe packing tool set includes a comprehensive range of tools that are used in the extraction and replacement of compression packing in pumps and valves.