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Discover quality.


Flange Insulation Sets provide an effective seal and electrical isolation of flanges. By eliminating metal to metal contact, static current is halted to prevent corrosion and aid in the cathodic protection of the pipe.

Insulation sets are used to limit corrosion in pipeline systems. Where dissimilar metals are present, the sets remove the possibility of the system acting as a galvanic cell and reduce the risk of galvanic corrosion of the pipe work. Insulation sets are also used to isolate cathodically protected piping systems where they prevent the flow of electrostatic charge.

Each flange insulation set comprises one central flat or oval section gasket, plus one insulation sleeve, two insulating and two plated steel washers per bolt. The sets are individually packed and clearly labelled with the flange rating, size, type and material combination.

Ordering the correct Flange Insulation Set requires knowing the specifications and type of service for your particular application.