Outstanding quality - trusted. worldwide.

Outstanding quality - trusted. worldwide.


KLINGER is the world leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of quality sealing and fluid control solutions. Browse our leading and innovative range of associated products.


Heavy Duty Gasket Ring Cutter

The heavy-duty gasket cutter is a hand operated, double pinion driven, high-torque, twin-shaft rotary shear cutter. 

This specific model has a cast iron body and comes completely assembled and is ready to operate once it has been bolted to a work surface. Your operators will be delighted with its ease of operation and effortless cutting action, increasing worker efficiency and reducing material wastage. Often gasket materials are ripped, hacked or hammered rather than being cut into correctly dimensioned, functional gaskets, resulting in poor performance and joint failure.

Soft Cut Gasket Ring Cutter

This hand-operated, medium duty, gasket ring cutter allows for the easy manufacture of circular gaskets – both in a workshop or on-site. It’s lightweight, ensures ease of manoeuvrability, where gaskets from 80mm to 1250mm diameter may be manufactured at point of use, reducing time wastage and increasing productivity.

Mechanical Gland Packing Cutters

The gland packing cutter is ideal for accurate cutting of packing rings to fit pumps or valves. Packing sizes of up to 25mm can be cut to length using a calibrated scale for shafts of up to 150mm in diameter.

Lubricants and Compounds

KLINGER Penetrating Oil

KLINGER penetrating oil has been specifically formulated to loosen rusted and seized nuts, bolts and fittings. Instantly and effectively penetrating rust, dirt and scale leaving them with a clean film and reducing assembly time. 

KLINGER Nickel Anti-Seize

KLINGER Nickel anti-seize compound is designed to prevent seizing, galling and prevent corrosion in nuts and bolts in temperatures up to 1300°C. The unique formulation allows for firmer and more accurate tightening and torquing of threaded connections and mating surfaces, while enabling easier loosening.

The product protects against galvanic and electrolytic corrosion and is suitable for all types of steel including austenitic stainless steels.   

KLINGER Chain and Linkage Spray

KLINGER Chain and linkage spray is a low friction soluble molybdenum based lubricant. The formulation resists fling-off and is highly water resistant. The spray penetrates deep into linkages and remains adhered to surfaces in inaccessible places to give long-lasting protection under demanding conditions. The 360° valve technology allows spraying at all angles, including upside down. 

KLINGER Super Protective Film

KLINGER Super Protective Film is an ultra-thin spray film that can be applied to any surface.  

The film, once dry, will protect circuit boards and electrical components and exposed connections. The spray repels moisture from brass hinges and hardware. The Protective film seals steel surfaces and protects leaking skylights. The Coverage is 12m² per can depending on spray thickness. UV stabilized for 12-24 months and DI-Electric strength in excess of 1000V.

Safety Products


Mitigate risk and avoid potential hand or finger injuries with our trusted KLINGER-Saver®. The KLINGER-Saver® is designed to be held by you, or it can be held in position by a work colleague while flogging to further reduce the risk of injury.

Available in a complete kit and the extender can be purchased separately.

Pocket Book & Gauges

KLINGER Flawless Static Sealing Pocket Book®

The KLINGER Flawless Static Sealing Pocket Book® is a practical, comprehensive engineering guide suitable for plant engineers, maintenance engineers, engineering technicians, maintenance foreman, supervisors and artisans.

This pocket book provides, convenient, easy to read, up to date and practical information on attaining flawless static sealing on the modern plant.

This is a must-have reference document for modern health, safety and environmentally conscious organisation. This pocket book may be customised, depending on order quantity, to suit plant-specific requirements i.e. gasket standards, recommended torque values etc.

KLINGER Flange Gap Gauge®

A perpendicular scaled triangular alignment gauge, allowing for the trained and qualified flange assembly technician to accurately align mating flanges prior to fastener tightening.

This lightweight alignment gauge is manufactured from brushed stainless steel, with a laser engraved scale for accurate indication and may be clipped to a belt loop for easy access when needed.

KLINGER Flange Surface Finish Comparator Gauge®

This gauge is manufactured from a hollow cylindrical stainless-steel tube with four accurately machined and clearly defined machined finishes, ranging from Ra 1.6µm to Ra 12.5µm. Each finish is clearly marked through laser engraving, is lightweight and may be clipped to a belt loop for easy access when needed.

Bandages and Tape


Rapp-it is the Ultimate Pipe Repair System for your temporary emergency pipe repair needs. It is simple to use, with no mixing  or measuring required. A successful pipe repair can be achieved  in only 30 minutes.

Rapp-it Pipe Repair System includes a woven fiberglass bandage impregnated with a water-activated polyurethane resin and a 90mm stick of Rapp-it Steel Putty. Rapp-it Steel Putty is a hand-mixable, steel-reinforced epoxy putty that can be moulded into any shape  to fill cavities, cracks or holes for a strong, successful repair.

Rapp-it can be used on all types of pipes including stainless steel,  copper, PVC, steel, rubber, concrete, metal, galvanised, fiberglass,  and polypropylene. It can be applied on cracked, fractured, corroded, damaged and leaking pipes; and around difficult shapes including straight lengths, tee and elbow joints, couplings and clamps. Rapp-it is suitable for use on wet or dry pipes. It can  even be applied underwater, in fresh or saltwater.

Rapp-it has been granted NATO Certification.

ISERMAL Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape

ISERMAL silicone rubber self-fusing tape is made of high quality silicone rubber, the special formula gives the tape an outstanding and unique capability. This tape is non-adhesive and only bonds to self, which is extremely versatile. It conforms to irregular shapes and forms a permanent air-tight & water-tight seal in seconds.