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On-Site Machining & Milling

KLINGER offers precision On-Site Machining & Milling solutions for the industrial and engineering industry.

Dismantling of process equipment is sometimes impossible and often uneconomical. Enter on-site/in situ machining. Repair takes place on a piece of equipment without the need to strip it out and move it to a repair facility. This can lead to a great time and cost savings. The repair workshop is taken to the client rather than the other way around.

KLINGER’s field machining services enable cost-effective modification and repair of a variety of parts and equipment on-site and in-place 24-hours a day. Ideal for new construction projects, modifications, planned shutdowns and emergency repairs, our comprehensive equipment has the capacity to face mill, bore drill or carry out any other machining activity normally associated with a machining workshop.

In-Situ Flange and heat exchanger machining is an integral part of a planned shutdown. At KLINGER we understand the importance of the correct surface finish on Gasket sealing faces, which is fundamental to the joint Integrity and a Leak-free start-up.  Our fleet of flange facing machines and qualified Technicians can ensure the quality of the sealing face is restored to the correct specification.

Our On-site 3-Axis Milling machine compliments the flange facing machines, whereby division plates in Heat Exchangers can be milled to ensure a uniform finish. The milling machine is also suitable for the milling of O-Ring Grooves; Crane pedestals; Heat exchanger repair; Motor and pump mounting pads; Steel mill housing; Turbine split line machining.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to field machining. Our highly-trained team is dedicated to formulating a repair procedure that minimizes downtime and ensures quality repair.


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