The KLINGER Group Story

The KLINGER Group story


Delve into the history of KLINGER and discover why we have been your fluid sealing and fluid control partner since 1886.

As the son of a building constructor, Richard Klinger loved technological progress and engineering: as a boy, he was already a tinkerer, going on to study Mechanical Engineering in Vienna. In 1886, he founded a workshop, thus laying the foundation for the Klinger family’s industrial activities. Today, more than 130 years later, KLINGER is represented by 45 operating companies in over 60 countries worldwide.

Throughout all five generations, the members of the family have been committed above all to the development and future of the company.

1886 – 1928

1928 – 1957

Klingerit high pressure jointing

1957 – 1984

1984 – 2010

2010 - present